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Unlock Your Financial Potential

Empowering the unbanked to access secure, affordable banking services has never been easier. Through our innovative partnership, AidKit and Bank On are revolutionizing the way individuals manage their finances and receive vital payments.

Assisting Unbanked Individuals, Together

AidKit and Bank On's commitment to financial empowerment sets us apart. We believe that everyone deserves access to secure, affordable banking services that help them build a brighter financial future. With Bank On's expertise and AidKit's innovative technology, we're making that vision a reality.

Overcome the Barriers to Banking

We understand that opening a bank account can sometimes be a challenge. That's why we're here to guide you through the process and provide the resources you need to succeed.

Our mission is to make banking accessible and inclusive for all, regardless of your financial history or background.

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Discover the Benefits of a Bank On Certified Account

Bank On certified accounts are designed with your needs in mind. These accounts feature no surprise fees, such as overdraft or insufficient funds charges, and cost only $5 or less per month.

With convenient tools to manage your money and secure your financial information, a Bank On account can help you achieve your financial goals.

Seamless Integration with AidKit

By partnering with AidKit, Bank On has made it easier than ever to access your payments and manage your money.

Simply enter your Bank On certified account information into the AidKit app, and you can start receiving your payments through direct deposit, all while enjoying the benefits of your new, affordable bank account.

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Q: What is a Bank On certified account?

A: Bank On certified accounts are safe, affordable bank or credit union accounts that meet national standards for being easy to access and use. They have no overdraft or insufficient funds fees, and cost $5 or less per month.

Q: How do I open a Bank On certified account?

A: You can find a list of Bank On certified accounts available in your area and open one online or at a local branch. You'll need basic identification documents like a Social Security number or state-issued ID.

Q: How do I integrate my Bank On account with AidKit?

A: Once you've opened your Bank On certified account, simply enter the account information into the AidKit app. This will allow you to receive your payments directly into your new account, making it easy to manage your money.

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