AidKit helps Colorado Refugee Services Program Efficiently Scale Assistance

AidKit helps Colorado Refugee Services Program Efficiently Scale Assistance

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DENVER, May 09, 2022 -- AidKit is proud to announce a new partnership with the Colorado Refugee Services Program (CRSP) to provide a modern, secure, and efficient platform to provide Refugee Cash Assistance to Afghan evacuees arriving in Colorado as the State scales its 2022 capacity to serve those who have fled Afghanistan.

AidKit leverages human-centered design to help make receiving cash assistance as simple to administer and dignified as possible. Communications for the Colorado Refugee Services Program's cash assistance for Afghan evacuees are available in Farsi and Pashto and cash is either distributed on preloaded debit cards or deposited directly into evacuees' newly established bank accounts; individuals are able to select their preferred method of payment. AidKit added a new feature specifically for this program—the ability to split monthly payments onto multiple debit cards—which gives spouses the ability to split the funds and make purchasing decisions as individuals.

“This is an important resource for putting families on the path to long-term wellbeing. People are able to access their funds much more quickly than in the past when they were handed a physical check and they had to walk to the bank and cash it."  - Troy Cox, Data Analyst, Colorado Department of Human Services.  

AidKit grew out of a pandemic relief program that delivered millions in direct aid to workers without documentation in Colorado. The founding team that built AidKit designed a series of features and automations to accelerate impact and efficiency for Colorado's Left Behind Workers Fund and soon began receiving inquiries from other organizations looking to overcome the many challenges programs face when trying to deliver cash assistance. In 2021, AidKit was launched to enable emerging direct cash and guaranteed income programs to operate at scale. To date, AidKit has partnered with more than 60 community-based organizations in six states to deliver more than $55 million in financial assistance to populations in need.

About AidKit: AidKit is a social impact startup that enables nonprofits and governments to quickly and securely deliver direct cash assistance and guaranteed income to those in need. We integrate automations and leverage technology to make eligibility determinations and reduce the burden of proof required for applicants. AidKit supports programs that serve diverse populations, including undocumented workers, low-income families, the unhoused, childcare providers, and refugees.

About the Colorado Refugee Services Program: The Colorado Refugee Services Program (CRSP) is the state refugee office, situated in the Colorado Department of Human Services. CRSP's mission is to Ensure the effective resettlement of refugees and promote refugee advancement past self-sufficiency and to long-term integration.

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