Katrina Van Gasse: Co-Founder & CEO of AidKit on The Caring Economy with Toby Usnik

AidKit Co-Founder and CEO, Katrina Van Gasse, speaks with Toby Usnik, former Executive Director of Public Relations for The New York Times, on his podcast, "The Caring Economy." 

Katrina is a former Fulbright Scholar and previous Vice President at Silicon Valley Bank. She is motivated to accelerate social impact and deliver programs that uphold the dignity of those in need.

AidKit brings human-centered design and software expertise to the task of empowering, not replacing, the efforts of nonprofits and government agency staff. AidKit spun out of the Left Behind Workers Fund, a pandemic relief program that delivered millions in direct aid to workers without documentation in Colorado. Our cofounders built features and automations to accelerate impact and efficiency in the program and soon began receiving inquiries from other organizations looking to overcome the many challenges programs face when trying to deliver cash assistance. In 2021, AidKit launched to enable emerging direct cash and guaranteed income programs across the country at scale.

Our mission is to provide an innovative infrastructure and playbook in partnership with organizations to efficiently manage cash assistance at scale for those in need.

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