Cassie Russell


Cassie is an experience program director, consultant, and direct service provide with a passion for making systems easier to navigate.

Before joining the AidKit team, Cassie was a consultant who partnered with nonprofits throughout the country to build economic empowerment and housing programs and services that better met the needs of their communities. She provided trainings on behalf of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, designed financial education for a cash plus program in Wyoming, partnered with housing organizations in New Mexico, and developed tools for Head Start and Early Head Start programs.

Prior to her work as a consultant, Cassie led a large shelter, acted as a case manager, and designed and implemented a statewide savings program for survivors of domestic violence.

Outside of Work

Cassie is most proud of her roles as an aunt and godmother and enjoys learning from the curiosity of the littles she loves. She also enjoys volunteering and the thrill of finding reusable items at her local thrift stores.


Cassie received a performance award from U.S. Health and Human Servicesfor reducing grantee burden by streamlining a mandatory reporting process. She also received the Judge Herrell Award for Outstanding Collaborative Efforts to End Family Violence, Bradley Angle, for developing an economic empowerment program for survivors of domestic violence.