Nonprofit Aid Management


A true end-to-end solution.

AidKit makes it seamless and secure to deliver guaranteed income and other relief to those who need it most.

  • Custom Applications and Forms
    Fully configurable, multi-lingual and accessible forms.

  • Customer Service Ticketing System
    Receive and respond to tickets via voicemail, text message, or email, assign and triage.

  • Screening and Verification
    Custom eligibility criteria verification, with document uploads and robust fraud protection.

  • Payment Disbursement
    Pay people where they are with ACH,
    virtual or physical debit cards.

  • Integrated Two-Way Communication
    Segment your audiences, and communicate with
    targeted 1:1 outreach or automated bulk messaging.

  • Research and Follow Up
    Track data, report on results, and collect
    feedback from your participants.

Maximize Your Impact

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More Aid, Fewer Resources

Don’t worry about stretching your nonprofit’s already-strapped resources. Our aid management platform encompasses every part of the process — from outreach to application, eligibility verification, cash disbursement, notifications, and follow up — so your team can focus on even more ways to fulfill your mission.

Solutions That Save Money

AidKit’s end-to-end aid management solutions are designed with limited nonprofit budgets in mind so your organization doesn’t have to invest in expensive — and often unreliable — tech integrations. Our platform can process huge volumes of data faster, more cost-efficiently, and with better accuracy than other options.

Ultimate Fraud Protection

You’re creating a social safety net for those who are truly in need, and AidKit’s integrated fraud protection ensures you do it — complete with customizable controls to verify identity, residency, and income, duplicate applicant checks, and real-time cross-referencing.

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Flexibility Combined With Speed

Launch cash disbursement programs quickly with robust functionality out of the box that requires minimal configuration — but also allows for complete customization that can be implemented at lightning speed.

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Simple, Seamless Experiences

Make it quick and easy for your team and recipients to navigate every step of the process with an aid management platform that has cutting-edge — yet highly intuitive — technology.

Dashboards to manage and share data.

A Trusted Partner

AidKit processes signups, delivers cash, protects against fraud, and keeps data secure for the largest guaranteed income pilot programs in the United States. Get a taste of our all-in partnership approach in our best practice guide for designing your own cash disbursement program.

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One-Click Insights

AidKit automates reporting and funds tracking so your organization’s decision-makers and partners can get comprehensive, crucial data in an instant.

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