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AidKit replaces convoluted workflows, messy integrations, and human tedium with one efficient, unified platform.

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Collaborative Outreach

Engage your entire network of partners to mobilize participation. Optimize and track your outreach strategy to reach an equitable cross section of your target population.

Accessible Applications

Make it simple for individuals to apply on their own or let community organizations take the lead with our customizable online applications. Reduce participant burden and create a process that works for everyone--from the tech savvy to the traditionalist.

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Integrated Fraud Prevention

Customizable fraud controls, including duplicate applicant checks, field validations, and realtime databases cross referencing to uphold the integrity of the program.

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Fast Payments

Flexible one time or recurring payment options for the banked and unbanked. Allow participants to be paid in a way that is convenient for them.

Communication & Research Tools

Communicate in the participant's preferred language and automatically inform participants of next steps. Send out integrated research and follow up surveys quickly and easily.

Robust Data Management

Meet even the most complex reporting requirements in no time with one-click reports configured for your unique evaluation specifications. Share custom dashboards with decision makers across your team and partner network.

Dashboards to manage and share data.

Automated Funds Tracking

Enjoy simplified accounting and real time payment tracking. Manage multiple funding sources simultaneously and with ease.

Custom Built for Your Program

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Fully Customizable
Create custom workflows that perfectly fit your program and the people you serve.
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Supported Implementation
Move from concept to implementation with expert consultation, saving you time and preserving sanity.
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Scalable & Secure
All data is encrypted in transit and at rest with industry-leading standards.

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