At AidKit, we are driven by our company values - being accountable to the people we serve.

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We believe that direct cash assistance is an underutilized but effective intervention to address a wide range of inequities and emergencies.

A growing body of research indicates that direct cash transfer and guaranteed income programs are effective and efficient at improving lives and lifting people out of poverty. Since the pandemic, direct cash aid has been used extensively in the United States for emergency relief and basic income pilots across the country and the world are exploring the power of direct cash on many populations.

AidKit is accelerating the movement with best-in-class technology and human-centered design.  We strive to make cash interventions more efficient, effective, and accessible.

We believe that by creating excellent software and providing expert implementation support, we can uplift the field of direct cash aid. Our focus is on reducing the amount of manual digital labor in the social sector, freeing up organization staff up to focus on serving their communities and nurturing relationships, instead of fighting with spreadsheets.  

Job Benefits

impactful Work that fits your lifestyle

Competitive Salary

We provide a level of compensation that supports a lifestyle that you can be proud of.


Employees are rewarded for hard work with equity because our collective success is your success.

Flexible Time Off

AidKit employees are trusted to take time off when the need it and work hours that best suit their dynamic lives.


Our team is fully remote. We provide support for your laptop and home office costs.


AidKit is based in Colorado, with a remote team distributed across the USA. Current team members reside in the red states below.

Work Life Balance

At AidKit, you can count on a work culture that supports you as a human, not only as a worker. We believe in dignity and trust, it's what drives our work. We actively support each other and create space for a healthy work life balance.

So, by all means, find some time to rest, exercise, cook, climb mountains, surf waves, spend time with your family, create something, push your limits, travel--do whatever it is that fills you up. If you're meeting your personal needs, you're likely to do better work.

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