Partners & Programs

We're proud to serve dedicated nonprofit organizations and government partners to drive impact at scale.
Miracle Messages
Providing social connections and $500/month in direct cash transfers to neighbors experiencing homelessness
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DC Early Childhood Educator Pay Equity Fund
$59.3 Million to over 4,000 Early Childhood Educators
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Chicago Resilient Communities
Monthly Cash Assistance Pilot
$30 Million to 5,000 low-income Chicago residents
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Left Behind Workers Fund
$38 Million to 26,000 Undocumented Workers
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Mile High United Way
$900,000 to 369 Friend, Family, & Neighbor Childcare Providers

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Denver Basic Income Project
$7.5 Million to 820 Unhoused Individuals
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Let's work together

AidKit partners with nonprofit organizations and government agencies to implement guaranteed income and direct cash transfer programs. We specialize in disbursing funds to unbanked, undocumented, unhoused, and other underserved populations.