AidKit, Co's Office of New Americans, & Impact Charitable

Colorado Pioneers the Nation's First Benefit Recovery Fund

The Benefit Recovery Fund is a groundbreaking program that aims to bolster economic stability for undocumented W2 workers throughout the state of Colorado, and beyond.

Ensuring Privacy, and Accessibility, Together

The Benefit Recovery Fund is a groundbreaking program, spearheaded by AidKit, Colorado's Office of New Americans (ONA), and Impact Charitable, that addresses a critical gap in support for undocumented workers in Colorado. By providing unemployment benefits to eligible individuals who lack work authorization, the program ensures that these vital members of the workforce have access to the resources they need during times of job loss.

A Vital Part of Colorado's Workforce

Undocumented workers are crucial to several thriving Colorado industries -including tourism, construction, and education - and pay more than $400 million in taxes.

Until now, these Coloradans have effectively contributed to the unemployment insurance trust fund through their employers' premiums -without ever benefitting from those contributions.

The Benefit Recovery Fund rectifies that disparity, granting families, and individuals peace of mind as they navigate unwarranted unemployment periods.

Protecting Participant Privacy

AidKit, the designated administrator of the Benefit Recovery Fund, protects participant information, and verifies applicant eligibility - without disclosing protected information to third parties, government entities, or employers.

Ensuring Accessible, and Efficient Aid

In collaboration with community partners, AidKit is committed to creating an accessible, and efficient infrastructure to manage cash assistance at scale effectively.

"We all understand the uncertainties surrounding employment, and no one should be left to face them alone due to their immigration status. We aim to ensure that these benefit dollars reach those who help sustain our industries and communities."
Jourdan McGinn
Senior Director of Economic Mobility & Direct Cash Transfers at Impact Charitable


Q: How did the Benefit Recovery Fund come to be in Colorado?

A: The Benefit Recovery Fund was established in 2022 when the Colorado Legislature approved Senate Bill 22-234, and Governor Jared Polis signed the legislation into law. Numerous community-based organizations and advocates supported its enactment.

Q: How do I know if I, or a loved one, is eligible for the Benefit Recovery Fund?

A: To apply, you must be 16 years or older, have earned income as a W-2 worker in a qualified or alternative base period (typically within the last 15-18 months), and provide the proper documentation, including a current government-issued photo ID and your W-2 and/or pay stubs, and employer separation form.

Q: How do I apply for the Benefit Recovery Fund?

The application is available here. Bilingual assistance is also available by calling (720) 902-7643, or emailing

Q: What will applying to the Benefit Recovery Fund cost me?

Applying for benefits is free, and no payment should be made to any individual, or entity, for the application process.

Q: How can I get involved, or support this initiative?

A: If you're interested in learning more about this initiative, or supporting our ongoing efforts, please visit this page!

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