Who we are

Accelerating Social Change

AidKit brings human-centered design and software expertise to support nonprofits and government agencies in delivering critical aid and assistance to those in need.

Why We Built AidKit

Before AidKit, we founded the Left Behind Workers Fund, a pandemic relief program that delivered millions in direct aid to undocumented workers in Colorado.

We needed a system to safely and effectively reach these workers in their preferred languages and help them overcome the many barriers they faced in accessing support. It quickly became clear that existing technology solutions were woefully inadequate, so we built our own platform.

AidKit was designed to reach systematically excluded communities with ease and dignity while ensuring their sensitive data stays safe and protected. Today, AidKit is the trusted engine that non-profits and governments use to operate aid and public benefit programs at scale.

“It's rare to find a tech company that is truly operating according to a moral compass. At AidKit, people are obsessed with protecting the personal information of program applicants and participants, and every single element of our product innovation centers end users. We build ethically, and our team really reflects this shared value of people over profit.”
Parry Burton
Operations Manager

Meet Our Team

Getting cash to people who need it is not rocket science, but we have a couple of aerospace engineers on staff, just in case.

Our Objective

Advanced technology meets personalized, human-centered approaches.

Support those left behind
We believe it's important to empower our partners to serve everyone who needs help, particularly those often left behind due to a lack of digital access. Our innovative technology ensures no one is left out.

Work with the community
Community-based organizations (CBOs) know their communities best. We help networks of CBOs deliver community-wide programs on one unified platform, amplifying their impact.

Meet users where they are
Technology is powerful, but there is no replacement for human interaction. We design accessible tools to help governments and nonprofit organizations meet their community where they are.

Keep data private and secure
Protecting the data of end users is of the utmost importance, and we take that responsibility seriously. We insulate program administrators from the legal challenges of handling sensitive data.