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From considerations on how to run effective cash programming to information about benefits cliffs, the direct cash community is full of amazing shared resources. Explore our curated collection of toolkits to elevate your cash assistance initiatives.

Thriving Providers Project: Benefits Protection Toolkit

This Benefits Protection Toolkit was developed to support Thriving Provider Project administrators in planning and designing direct cash transfer (DCT) programs that minimize the reduction and/or loss of public benefits for people receiving cash through the project. While this toolkit was developed specifically for the Thriving Providers Project, the analysis and recommendations can be applicable for other DCTs and guaranteed income pilots. It is their hope that the toolkit will contribute to the growing body of policy research and tools available for pilot administrators across the country.

7 Stages for a Successful Direct Cash Transfer Program

Designing a successful direct cash program requires a thoughtful and empathetic approach that puts the needs of program participants first. The right technology is critical to your success because it can reduce your administrative burden, improve accessibility, and protect personal information while mitigating and identifying fraud.

Community Resources on Basic Income

Economic Security Project

Ideas that build economic power for all Americans. Economic Security Project brings people together around big ideas to transform our economy and provide the resources to turn those ideas into reality.

Stanford Basic Income Lab: Map of Universal Basic Income Experiments

This geospatial map presents UBI-related experiments, pilots, programs and policies throughout the world, some past and some ongoing, and enables the user to compare them across a range of designs and implementation features.

Jain Family Institute Guaranteed Income

A toolkit of best practices, resources, and existing models of planned and ongoing research in the U.S. This toolkit is designed to provide a concrete starting point for anyone interested in supporting a guaranteed income for their community, particularly by launching a guaranteed income pilot.

Direct Cash Programs That Scale

Miracle Money: California Research Report

This research report is a randomized controlled trial to study the impact of Miracle Messages' direct cash program, Miracle Money, which is a social support intervention for people experiencing homelessness.

Benefit Recovery Fund

The Benefit Recovery Fund is an unemployment compensation program for eligible undocumented individuals who have lost employment through no fault of their own. This Colorado program is the first of its kind in the nation.

GiveDirectly Research on Cash Transfers

Despite the stereotypes, recipients of cash do not systematically waste or misuse it. Among the hundreds of millions of people who have received cash transfers, systematic reviews of the evidence find that on average these are not the impacts of giving money; if anything, they find the opposite.