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Empowering Indigenous Communities in the Amazon

In a groundbreaking partnership, AidKit and Cool Earth have launched the world's first basic income pilot for people living in the Amazon rainforest.

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Addressing Climate Change, Together

This pioneering initiative, co-created with AidKit, Cool Earth, the National Organization of Indigenous Women of the Andes and the Amazon of Peru (ONAMIAP), and the Organization of Indigenous Women of Asháninka People of the Central Jungle (OMIAASEC), aims to provide income to communities for two years, empowering them to sustain their livelihoods, and protect their ancestral territories.

Addressing the Urgent Needs of Rainforest Communities

The Amazon rainforest is not only a rich reservoir of biodiversity, but also home to communities whose way of life, and survival, are intertwined with the forest's health.

Despite their crucial role in safeguarding these ecosystems, people living in the rainforest often face the impacts of climate change, and threats, from loggers, miners, and large-scale farming.

This pilot arose from a vital need to support these communities in a manner that respects their culture, and needs.

Innovative Offline Payment Solution Empowers Indigenous People

Recognizing the unique challenges of providing aid in remote areas without reliable internet access, AidKit developed a groundbreaking offline payment solution.

This technology enables program administrators, and community workers, to securely collect, and process sensitive information - including banking details -using tablets or iPads.

The data is then uploaded, and processed once the device is connected to the internet - ensuring the highest degree of data protection and security.

Strengthening Community Resilience, and Autonomy

The income provided by this pilot empowers Indigenous communities to access essential resources, such as food, safe drinking water, healthcare, and education.

Additionally, it allows them to invest in small-scale farming projects, generating sustainable income and strengthening their autonomy.

By supporting the communities' self-determination, this initiative helps protect the rainforest, and tackle the climate crisis.

SOC 2 Type 2 Certified

‣ Application processing workflows aligned to your specific program eligibility requirements.

‣ Collect and compare documents, attestations, administrative data and more.

‣ Robust deduplication, fraud-flagging and data monitoring features to catch bad actors in real time.

"We are very grateful to the pilot for the opportunity it has given us. This is the first pilot in which we have been able to intervene with technology, and this is important. People who live in the rainforest usually cannot access these materials due to costs and acquisition capacity, but collaborative work has allowed us to support, learn and teach."
Kely Quicha
Member of the Organization of Indigenous Women of Asháninka People of the Central Jungle (OMIAASEC)
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