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Our partnerships with nonprofits, government entities, and social innovators help accelerate the impact of direct cash programming to move from pilots, to policies.

We'll be your design thought-partner and configure custom workflows to streamline your operations, reduce administrative burdens, and get aid into the hands of those who need it most.

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Work with AidKit to accelerate your impact and supercharge your team's capacity to focus on serving your community instead of fighting with outdated technology, cobbled together technical systems, and unwieldy user interfaces.

Supercharge Your Nonprofit's Impact

As a nonprofit organization, you're focused on serving your community, not fighting with outdated technology and unwieldy systems.

AidKit partners with nonprofits to help you run direct cash programs, such as guaranteed basic income, rental assistance, and cash incentives, more efficiently. Reduce the administrative burden on your team and spend more time making a real difference.

Reach out to our Nonprofit Partnerships team today!

custom solutions for innovative public agencies

AidKit is your trusted partner in transforming public benefit and cash assistance programs to reach the most vulnerable residents.

We collaborate with state and local agencies to design and launch innovative, secure, and accessible programs quickly, ensuring efficiency and integrity.

Our solutions outpace traditional consulting firms and offer unparalleled customization compared to off-the-shelf software. With AidKit, you get the best of both worlds: rapid deployment and tailored solutions.

Connect with our Government Partnerships team today to discover how we can enhance your aid programs.

Integrate with Cutting-Edge Technology

At AidKit, we provide a highly adaptable platform designed to seamlessly integrate with other technology solutions.

We collaborate with leading tech companies to ensure top-tier data protection and deliver an exceptional experience for all participants. Partner with us to revolutionize aid delivery with secure, efficient, and user-friendly technology.

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