Anne Silbaugh

Software Engineer
Anne is a software engineer with a degree in Mathematics. She is committed to working on a team that is inclusive and non-traditional, making software created for people rather than for profits. ->

Anne's technical experience beyond AidKit comes mostly from working in the EdTech space. She has experience working on a small team in a big organization, doing very specialized work to integrate 3rd party vendors' learning management systems with the company's product. She also spent time as a lead on a more fast-paced, full-stack team that managed an entire tutor-student marketplace product. The breadth of these experiences has been a highlight of her career so far - it's always a joy to keep learning. Anne has a BS in Mathematics from Carnegie Mellon University, with a concentration in Discrete Math and Logic.


Outside of work, Anne likes to spend time making art, giggling with her sisters, or working on an embroidery project while watching Survivor.