Cody Rushing

Software Engineer
Cody has over a decade of experience building software across multiple industries including enterprise SaaS and cleantech. He is excited at the prospect of building tools to directly address systemic inequity. ->

Even before graduating from college, Cody turned his love of tinkering with code into an internship at a web design shop out of Austin, TX. From there, he went on to join an engineering team at Razorfish, where he got to work on projects for clients such as Samsung, BlackBerry, and Southwest Airlines. After a brief stint at Atlassian, he and his wife uprooted their lives in Austin to live in Melbourne Australia for a year. There, he found his way into the cleantech space with the startup GreenSync which was running automated peak response programs across Australia. Shortly after coming back to the states, he continued his journey in the cleantech space, helping to build the software backbone of the Curb home energy monitoring system which was deployed alongside 15K+ solar installations. Cody holds a BS in Kinesiology from the University of Texas at Austin.


Cody likes to get outside and away from the screen when he can, which may come in the form of a bike ride across town, a bit of rock climbing, or taking a swim with his dog.