Kai Lin Cort

Software Engineer
Kai Lin is a software engineer and former immigrant labor organizer, passionate about empowering invisibilized and underappreciated people in our communities. ->

Kai Lin studied data science for public policy research at NYU and Columbia, and graduate-level computer science at the University of Pennsylvania. She enjoys learning new languages, and is an avid keeper of streaks on DuoLingo.

For the past three years, she's served on the board of Change Food for Good (formerly Urban Wild), working on teaching tech and agricultural skills, building an aquaponics program in a high school in Brooklyn, and workforce development for underserved youth through AgTech and urban permaculture.


In her free time, Kai Lin enjoys planting fruit trees with the Denver Food Forestry program. She loves growing her own food, and cooking, with skills she's learned from her mom and dad, who are descendants of many generations of farmers in Hangzhou, China. She also collects broken musical instruments and enjoys fixing and making music on analog synthesizers, which she endeavors to patch up at DenHac, the oldest (and coolest) hackerspace in Denver.


A fun computational poetry app that speaks to a more artsy kind of coding she likes to do in her free time: https://kaizencode.art/projects/oulipo_variations/

She has been awarded with NY State Proclamation and Citations in 2020 from Senator John Liu, Assemblywoman Yuh-Line Niou, and Assemblyman Ron Kim, for service to the Asian American community in New York State.