Luke Moran

Software Engineer
Luke has been tinkering with code for a little over a decade, mostly in the fintech space where he worked on different trading systems and fraud detection tools. His goal is to write software which will help underserved communities thrive. ->

Luke has more than 10 years of experience writing and collaborating on software, leading and mentoring fellow software engineers.

Primarily, Luke's focus has been on near-real-time event systems; at Fidelity Investments, he had the opportunity to create and maintain trading systems of different varieties -- as well as utilizing Machine Learning techniques to improve the investment process; at Seismic, he created a globally distributed event ingestion pipeline which he lovingly refers to as "the raincloud above the datalake".

He occasionally volunteers to do resume reviews and career guidance for CodeSquad, a non-profit that provides software engineering training to adults in the greater Boston area.

Luke has a BS in Business Administration, specialized in IT from Southern New Hampshire University. He holds two certificates from Coursera -- both related to Machine Learning.


No matter the season, Luke is always ready to break out the board games -- his favorite being Betrayal at the House on the Hill -- or jam out to some jazz/blues on guitar with friends. During the winter months, you'll find him skiing both in the north east and out west, or getting lost in a game of Legend of Zelda, Tears of the Kingdom!


His personal website
His In-Progress Discord Bot That Uses ChatGPT to Faciliate Collective Storytelling