Micah Fay

Software Engineer
Micah is a software engineer with 6 years of experience working for non-profits. He brings a passion for leveraging technology to improve society, and specifically, to reduce economic inequality. ->

Micah combines his experiences living closely with the natural world, working in green building, and software engineering with a passion for creating innovative solutions that address societal challenges.

Micah is an autodidact. In addition to learning to program, he has poured himself into subjects ranging from edible and medicinal plants, economic theory, building performance, traditional cabinetmaking, and photovoltaics.

After high school he fulfilled a life long dream by living off the land in British Columbia for a year and a half. Returning home to Philadelphia, he started working in construction and, after establishing himself, quickly transitioned away from high end renovation work to focus on solar installations and energy efficiency, which were more aligned with his passions. Not long after that he started a community service barter network that helped to run litter cleanups and community food distribution centers around Philadelphia.The experience showed him the incredible leverage technology has to impact society, so, he transitioned to writing software.

Micah has since taken on roles at the Wharton Business School and Nexleaf Analytics, where he worked to develop technologies to monitor the vaccine cold-chain as well as other lifesaving efforts around the world. He joins Aidkit with 6 years of software engineering experience and many more years of striving to leave the world a bit better than he found it.


When Micah isn't working you can find him walking around his neighborhood, enjoying friends and nature, tinkering with house projects, volunteering in his community, or resting. He is also currently rediscovering his love for playing the drums.


Former partner Nikki Van Schyndel's book Becoming Wild about our time living off the land in British Columbia
Essay about his recent trip up the Northern Forest Canoe Trail and down the Eastern Divide Trail Mountain Bike Route