Rui Wu

Senior Program Manager
Rui is a seasoned technical program manager in geospatial and fintech spaces. She is motivated to make social impacts with technology. She holds degrees of civil engineering and economics. ->

Rui started her career as an engineer, but soon became a conduit between the products and the clients by listening and analyzing the customer's requirements then translating them into actionable tasks and desired features. Through different job titles, one commonality is her dedication to centering the user's needs and finding the best solution to the pain points. Rui has earned the certification on software product management and technical program management. She owns a Master degree of Civil Engineering, and holds BS in both Geospatial and Economics.


For her spare time, Rui likes to play Zelda games and gardening. She volunteers at Habitats for Humanity and Lifeline Puppy Rescue from time to time.