Theresa Gonzales

Software Engineer
Theresa is a software engineer with a degree in chemical engineering and experience helping startups grow. She is motivated to leverage technology as a force for equity and inclusion. ->

Theresa is a versatile problem solver with a background crafting software solutions for sustainable shopping, fall alerting, and team fitness training startups. Before software development, she flexed her creativity as a 6th grade math intervention teacher with Americorps, sharpened her technical skills as a mining research engineer and technical writer, and grew her resourcefulness working in robotics company operations.

During career breaks traveling in Asia and South America, she practiced adaptability and gained a deep appreciation for hostels and street food. Theresa holds a BS in Chemical Engineering from the Colorado School of Mines with minors in Biology and Economics.


Theresa enjoys communing with backyard birds, teaching herself film photography, playing guitar badly, thrifting for hidden gems, and teaching her old cat new tricks.