Zeitun Tifow

Senior Program Manager
Zeitun is a program manager with extensive experience leading & implementing humanitarian assistance & development programs. She is motivated by tech’s potential to more efficiently deliver aid to communities in need. She holds a masters degree in Peacebuilding. ->

Zeitun has nearly 10 years in the global development sector, securing resources for nonprofits in the US and East Africa (EA) focusing on critical humanitarian programs such as food security. Before joining the Aidkit team, she led strategic planning efforts for non profits in EA, implemented robust monitoring and evaluation processes to measure success in her programming, and built strong networks across programs and institutions. Zeitun has a BA in International Relations from Towson University, and a MS in Global Affairs & Peacebuilding from New York University.


When Zeitun is not working, she enjoys relaxing at home with a snack and watching her favorite TV shows.