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Transforming Indigenous Families with Guaranteed Income

Hummingbird Indigenous Family Services has partnered with AidKit to launch The Nest, a groundbreaking guaranteed income program exclusively serving Indigenous communities in the Seattle area.

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Indigenous pregnant people served
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Empowering Indigenous Families, Together

This innovative initiative is providing $1,250 monthly payments to up to 150 Indigenous pregnant individuals until their child's third birthday, delivering as much as $45,000 per family over the course of the 5-year program.

Addressing Systemic Inequities

Indigenous people in the Seattle region face disproportionately high rates of poverty, housing insecurity, infant mortality, and violence.

The Nest aims to disrupt these systemic disparities by promoting healing, health, and equity for the communities Hummingbird IFS serves.

Reclaiming Abundance for Indigenous Families

Guaranteed income has been shown to decrease perinatal mood disorders, increase self-efficacy, and improve birth outcomes.

But beyond the tangible benefits, The Nest demonstrates an inherent trust, and value in Indigenous communities whose humanity is often devalued by mainstream society.

Secure, and Convenient Technology

AidKit serves as the technology partner for The Nest, providing a mobile-friendly application, convenient document upload, and a range of payment options. AidKit's platform balances ease of use with robust security, ensuring the program runs smoothly, and participants' personal information is protected.

"As an organization dedicated to serving Indigenous communities, we're thrilled to partner with AidKit to deliver this transformative program. Their technology has been instrumental in making The Nest a success."
Camie Goldhammer
Founding Executive Director, Hummingbird IFS


Q: Who is eligible for The Nest?

A: The program is open to Indigenous pregnant individuals living in King and Pierce counties in Washington state.

Q: How long does the program last?

A: Participants receive $1,250 monthly payments until their child's third birthday, a total of up to $45,000 per family.

Q: How do I apply for The Nest?

A: Visit the Hummingbird IFS website here to learn more, and start your application.

Q: How can I get involved, or support this initiative?

A: If you're interested in learning more about this initiative, or supporting our ongoing efforts, please contact us below!

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