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Our technology helps nonprofit and government organizations deliver cash directly to those in need

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We've helped organizations put millions of dollars into the pockets of people in need, and much more is on the way.






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AidKit is trusted by the nation's largest and most innovative guaranteed income programs.

Supporting a growing movement focused on creating an income floor built on dignity and trust.

Chicago Resilient Communities
Miracle Messages
Denver Basic Income Project
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flexibility for those receiving aid

Deliver cash, fast

Payment methods for the banked and unbanked. Automated text communication for actions and updates.

Cash aid recipient UI and payment options

Reduce administrative burden

Manage payments, documents, signatures, communication, and more—all from a single platform.

Application and Document Upload UI

AidKit is the premier platform for investing in the early childcare workforce.

A lack of quality, affordable childcare is keeping millions of parents out of the workforce.  AidKit has tools to support organizations bridging the gap by supplementing provider's incomes.

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Partnership spotlight
The D.C. Early Childhood Educator
Pay Equity Fund
$53.9 Million to over 4000 Early Childhood Educators
The Office of the State Superintendent of Education (OSSE) selected AidKit to administer the $53.9 million Early Childhood Educator Pay Equity Fund.
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Run Direct Cash Programs
backed by data and expertise

Our software platform and implementation services allow you to implement and monitor the entire process.

Proud tech platform partner
Chicago Resilient Communities
Monthly Cash Assistance Pilot
$30 Million to 5,000 low-income Chicago residents
AidKit is proud to be the technology platform for The Chicago Resilient Communities Pilot in partnership with the global leader in direct cash programs, GiveDirectly.
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Left Behind Workers Fund
$38 Million to 26,000 Undocumented Workers
AidKit's co-founders were also the co-founders of the Left Behind Workers Fund, in partnership with Impact Charitable.
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Mile High United Way
$900,000 to 369 Friend, Family, & Neighbor Childcare Providers

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Denver Basic Income Project
$7.5 Million to 820 Unhoused Individuals
AidKit was selected as the technology platform partner to the Denver Basic Income Project, a project that serves individuals who are unhoused by examining the impact of direct cash distributions in an effort to encourage a healthier society centered around human thriving.
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AidKit is purpose built to support cash programs.

Cash Transfers

Direct Cash Transfers

Manage the entire lifecycle of providing cash aid through our secure systems.

Guaranteed Income 

AidKit provides robust tools to support guaranteed income programs from beginning to end.

Supplemental Pay

AidKit's platform is ideal for providing retention bonuses and supplemental pay for workers.

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